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More about me
Realms Beyond - Ocala

Love and Light

Greetings Light Beings

Quartz Generator Crystals, Clear Quartz Points, Smokey Quartz Points, Amethyst Cathedrals, Citrine Cathedrals, Celestite, Rose Quartz Balls, Points, Spheres, Elestial Quartz , Amethyst Spheres, Obelisks, and Rutilated Quartz

Hello, my name is Sandy, Spiritual Beings of Light Graciously Communicate with me and allow me to be of service.  In the shop are a lot of beautiful pieces, many points, clear, record keepers and channel pieces.  Cathedrals,  Amethyst and Citrine, Quartz Generators are my favorite. 
If you are in the Ocala area stop by and see us. Or send us a e-mail, I will be updating this site soon.  Will let you know more about myself and the happening in our area.  

Quartz Crystals generate electromagnetic energy which promotes harmony, clarity,insight and purity


-Angels help to  provide Balance and Harmony between the conflicting elements surrounding us all-

To receive more information contact us at or call me at 352-817-7107

Realms Beyond
814 South Magnolia Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34474